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Tarayana Foundation

BPV is the first commercially operating social enterprise that has been founded to create long term sustainability of the civil societies like the Tarayana Foundation.

Impact Traveller

Impact Traveller, a Singapore based social enterprise is our partner in one of our signature travel itineraries that “Meet inspiring leaders, visit untouched places and gain new perspectives that will make this journey the most impactful of your life”. Our itineraries provide unique life changing experiences lasting relationship between the travelers and their destination. 

Woezer Events

We partner with Woezer Events in events management and in integrating modern design, creativity and technology

Bhutan International Marathon

BPV is a travel partner of the Bhutan International Marathon and we support in the organization of the Tour of the Dragon annually.


​Athang is a private limited ICT company based in Thimphu. The BPV partners with it in ICT related consultancy services.

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Madman Trails of Bhutan

The kingdom of Bhutan — wedged like a hanging Garden of Babylon in the mighty eastern Himalayas — is the new frontier in the world of Enduro mountain biking. The arrival of the sport has been late but timely, as it enables riders to traverse the numerous ancient trails that make up an intricate web of pathways and dirt paths that dot and connect the kingdom’s diverse twenty districts, providing a backdrop for a ride in what is easily one of the world’s most pristine landscapes

Bhutan’s first edition of the Asian Enduro Series will be hosted in the kingdom’s former capital — Punakha.

Bhutan Sports Festival

We have two separate races consisting of a 25K and a 50K trail running and MTB event that start and finish in the village of Gangtey, at the north end of the Phobjikha Valley. This Valley lies on the west side of the Black Mountains which separate western and central Bhutan. The entire Valley is enclosed by several ranges and is bisected by the Nake Chuu and Phag Chuu rivers. The Valley floor is carpeted with a special variety of dwarf bamboo which is the prime diet of the protected Black-Necked Crane.

Both events will start together, with the 25K runners looping back toward the start point prior to the 50K runners. Both courses are predominantly on single track, double track or fire-roads. Conditions on the course should be quite runnable.

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