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About Bhutanese Honey​

Bhutanese Honey is produced within the pristine environment of the Kingdom of Bhutan, nestled in the Great Eastern Himalayas. We present to you a 100% naturally processed pure honey packed with diverse nutrients known for ailing many health disorders and its amazing taste. The honey is processed with very minimum labour processes, allowing our bees to produce the best and the purest natural honey that is peculiar and very special to many around the world.

Our honey is just as unique and amazing as our company, a Pioneer in Social Enterprise company working towards development and social welfare for the vulnerable and underprivileged societies in the country and we are also the sole producer and exporter of this very special product from our country.

So we are offering this pure and organic natural honey for you to enjoy, which we know you will do!!! now pat yourself for you've made a great choice by buying our product.

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